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Modernism Asymmetrical Silver Chain Earrings with Amber


Classic earrings with amber on thin silver chains with a twist: the asymmetrical shape of this jewelry piece gives it a modern feel.

Responsible mining and production Made in Russia
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About This Item

Asymmetrical design of these earrings is a beautiful reminder that each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and unique. These simple and elegant earrings will be a brilliant addition to any collection. Appreciated for its color and natural appeal since ancient times, amber is widely used in jewelry, and we take pride in creating modern items with this stunning gemstone.
Please note that our jewelry is handmade and every stone is unique so your item may have a slightly different look.

A Word from the Designer

Katya Alagich

“As an architect, I’ve always appreciated geometry and balance in everything – whether it’s a living space or an object design. In our very first collection we wanted to show the uniqueness of amber in simple, but at the same time, adjusted forms, where main attraction is on the stone – a rare and unlike anything.
Modernism is a kind of mix of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, transferred to our pieces. Developing took about six months, and it was a complicated but very interesting process – first sketches, close interaction with jewelers, understanding all those uneasy specifics of working with amber, also selection of suitable stones and materials. Step by step, a whole collection began to emerge, and my task was to create not only jewelry items for every day, but also something bright and self-sufficient.”


champagne, silver


6 cm

  1. Valeria Arapova (Moscow) – Order 2852

    Great aesthetic pleasure. Only light earrings are wanted in the summer, and these amber drops seem to have been made for the sea splashes.

  2. Anna Strygina (Moscow) – Order 2980

    One of the first associations with Kaliningrad is amber, one of the first associations with amber are weird beads, bracelets, and other ugly jewelry. But it turns out that amber can look very nice, stylish and modern. Thank you for the beauty you’re doing. Yes, yes, these asymmetric earrings are with amber!

  3. Nadezhda Belorusova (Angarsk) – Order 5667

    I liked everything, I wear my earrings with pleasure. Very stylish packaging. Thank you for making our life more beautiful with your jewelry pieces!

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