Ambery just changed it's name to Leta. Read our blog post about it.

Meet Russian Amber

The only thing that matters is genuineness

Modernism by Leta

Our current amber jewelry collection

  • Curved Silver Gilt Ring with Cherry Amber

  • Asymmetrical Silver Earrings with Amber

  • Luna Silver Necklace with Amber

  • Silver Earrings with Inclusions Inside Amber

  • Circle Silver Pendant with Oval Amber

  • «A Drop of Amber» Silver Pendant

  • Circled Silver Earrings with Amber and Moonstone

  • Rectangular Silver Earrings with Amber

  • «Single Amber» Silver Pendant

  • Oval Silver Ring with Amber

  • Pure Geometric Silver Gilt Earrings with Amber

  • Art Deco Silver Ring with Matte Amber

  • Silver Gilt Bracelet with Amber

  • String & Square Silver Earrings with Amber

  • «Planet» Silver Ring with Amber

  • Two Strings Silver Necklace with Amber

  • Asymmetrical Silver Necklace with Amber

  • Pure Geometric Silver Gilt Earrings with Cherry Amber

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