Pure Geometric Silver Gilt Earrings with Amber


These delicate earrings made of silver gilt with an amber in the centre of a rectangle feature pure geometric forms and minimalistic design.

Natural amber Made in Russia
Gift package available Great customer satisfaction

The classic combination of amber and gilding in these earrings is offset by unconventional design. The contrast between the oval shape of the amber and the rectangular golden shape setting is eye-catching. This jewelry piece, created from gemstones mined in Kaliningrad region from the only legal extractor of amber in Russia, won’t leave you unnoticed.
Please note that our jewelry is handmade and every stone is unique so your item may have a slightly different look.


lime yellow, gold


3,9 cm

  1. Wonderzine

    If you were looking for an unusual «Russian style» gift – here it is.
    – From an article on the magazine’s website

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