Silver Gilt Ring with Inclusions Inside Amber


This silver gilt ring with a beautiful amber stone with inclusions inside is a modern interpretation of a timeless classic.

Natural amber Made in Russia
Gift package available Great customer satisfaction


The highlight of this ring is an unusual transparent amber stone with organic inclusions, which form delicate watercolour-like patterns of gold, greenish and black colors. This variety of shades and tints makes each amber stone unique. Classic signet metal shape makes this jewelry piece even more concise.
Please note that our jewelry is handmade and every stone is unique so your item may have a slightly different look.


black, green, yellow, gold

Ring Size

15 (US 4), 16 (US 5,5), 16,5 (US 6), 17 (US 6,5), 17,5 (US 7,25), 18 (US 8)

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