About Us

Find out more about our past and our future, the company values and what inspires us.

Our Statement

Founded in 2016 by Katya Alagich and Michael Tantsura, Leta creates jewelry that will live in your collection forever. Our items are designed to become contemporary works of art, being fully hand-made and of exceptional quality. The noticeable, eye-catching jewelry is the standout feature of our design. It combines the main principles of composition with the original imperfections of nature.

Femininity and love of nature are our basic sources of inspiration. This is where our name comes from: mythological Leta is about the ideas of nascence, origins and creation.

Our Culture

  1. We create designs inspired by an artistic vision of the world.
  2. We want every woman to feel attractive and to be without complexes regarding her appearance or thoughts.
  3. We encourage independency and self-expression in every woman’s look as well as her willingness to develop her own style, rather than blindly follow fashion trends.
  4. We protect the environment and contribute as much as we can in the preservation of nature.
  5. We set the highest possible quality standards in the manufacture of our items.

Our Story

Основатели Leta – Михаил Танцура и Катя Алагич

The founders’ friendship has lasted for over a decade. The idea to create a jewelry collection was born after visiting the amber mines in the Kaliningrad Region of Russia. The brand, Ambery, and then the first collection, “Modernism”, was created in one of the jewelry workshops in Moscow following that visit. Our first items with amber demonstrated the benefits of the unique character of the material through the simple but precise shapes that instantly attract the attention.

Some time later we realized that we shouldn’t limit our imagination to the use of a single material in our works. This is why we decided to introduce other gemstones into our new collections and to work with some new colors, other than those which amber provides. That is when we changed our name to “Leta”.

Production has grown significantly from the moment the company was established. Today our items are available worldwide via our own site, also in a few stores in Moscow and other cities and countries.

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Get to know about Leta’s environmental initiatives and opportunities available to everyone to preserve the natural world.

Ambery LLC (owning “Leta” trademark)

Legal address:
119361, Moscow, Natashi Kovshovoy st, 29/81
Taxpayer Number: 9729153675, OGRN: 5177746059992

Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation (PJSC)
(Tochka Branch)
BIC: 044525999
Account: 40702810701500015204

Assay Chamber Registration Number: UL7701605284

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