Saving the Planet

Protecting the environment and doing all we can to preserve the natural world is at the heart of Leta culture.


Leta team was born when several people united in their desire to create jewelry that would set exceptional standards in their design, quality and responsibility to other people. This led us to a certain rule: every action and decision we make in Leta is always challenged with the very important question: “How would this affect the environment?”

The success of our business goes hand-in-hand with the long-term resilience of our planet and its unique natural resources, whether they are natural resources from which we create jewelry, or simply water and air necessary for each person’s life. Being a responsible company committed to people and the planet is our public position and we encourage both our clients and other jewelry companies to join us in creating meaningful change.

Curonian Spit National Park in Kaliningrad oblast of Russia
Curonian Spit National Park in Kaliningrad oblast of Russia

Responsible Mining

Jewelry manufacturing process starts with finding raw materials – metals and stones. It is important for us that the mineral resources we use were mined in a responsible way so the damage to ecosystem is minimised. Natural amber we use in our first collection “Modernism”, for example, is mined in Kaliningrad oblast of Russia, where the problem of illegal diggers is acute. The result of their activity is an aggressive deforestation and disastrous changes in the structure of the landscape. We source all of our natural amber directly from the only legal supplier in Russia – Kaliningrad Amber Combine. The responsible mining process takes place at Primorskoe deposit.

Choosing Partners

Offering the best product we can requires partnering with other companies. Jewelry stores, delivery services, IT provides and others – all of them should share our values. We make it our business to get to know who we work with. We do that to make sure our colleagues comply with local laws and also think about the environmental impact of their activities: just like we apply recyclable materials in our acitivities, control water consumption and electricity or perform waste sorting.

DPD Hub in Moscow oblast of Russia
DPD Hub in Moscow oblast of Russia meets energy efficiency class «B» requirements
Leta's Felt Envelope
Leta's Felt Envelope

Leta’s Felt Envelope

Leta’s jewelry packaging is an original envelope made of a milky color felt. Despite its “woolen” texture, it’s being made without the use of animal textiles — from polyester, which, in our case, is also a recycled product. Recycled polyester needs 90% less water in its production, it is also completely soil safe. We deliberately abandoned jewelry boxes, usually being made of plastic and velvet. An additional point is that the Leta’s envelope can also be used after an item has been purchased: for goods storage, during your travel or any other everyday use.

Supporting Others

Charity is one of the most important non-core initiatives of Leta. One such example is the collaboration with the Friends of the Baltic Seal Foundation, which began in the spring of 2018. Currently there are no more than two hundred Baltic ringed seals in the Gulf of Finland, and forty years ago the region was inhabited by several thousand species. The project is a great chance to tell about the existing problem and possible ways to solve it. We have produced a special piece of jewelry, a portion of each sale of which is being monthly donated to the Fund. Despite the fact that we ourselves are only at the beginning of our business journey, the support of people and projects that preserve this world and increase its wealth has become an effortless process for us.

Baltic seal near the coast of the Gulf of Finland
Baltic seal near the coast of the Gulf of Finland
Leta Showroom at Rozhdestvensky blvd.
Leta Showroom at Rozhdestvensky blvd.

Team Values

Like any idea, all environmental initiatives at Leta start with people. Company culture is basically a team culture where everyone shares an understanding of environmental care. When our PR team suggests a used batteries recycling point in the showroom or when the designer refuses to use jewelry stones, the exact place and method of mining of which are unknown, when people believe in their credo – that’s when everyday concern about our planet’s health begins, which eventually turns into the philosophy of Leta.

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