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1919 Bone Stud

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Thin bone-shaped earring does not require a lock — there is a ball stopper at each end which is still very easy to pull through the piercing hole.

The stud is available in two sizes. The longer one tends to be more comfortable to wear in the lobe, while the short one usually fits the higher piercing holes better. Still every piercing hole is unique, so we recommend trying these earrings on before purchase.

A special flaxen tone of 14k gold was used in creating the “1919” collection pieces. Understated and cool, it was tailor made for the Leta collections, with the requirements for ethical sourcing and responsible processing in mind.

For a pair, please order a quantity of two.

The “1919” collection got its name in honor of the year in which the Bauhaus movement originated in Germany. It was aimed to reunite fine art and functional design by creating practical objects with the soul of artworks. At the core of their ideology is convenience, as well as minimalism, which is beautiful in the simplicity and clarity of its forms – it’s when less is more. “1919” is about jewelry you can wear every day, feeling comfortable and free from any particular style.


14K Flaxen Gold


1 year

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Saving the Planet

Materials were ethically sourced and processed in a responsible way

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