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Atlas Amur Ring

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The Amur is the predominant Russian river in the Far East, its valley is famous for unique nature. Three lines of the ring symbolize shores of the Amur River and its flow. They are a reminder of how important it is to follow your way.

Rising from the confluence of the Shilka and Argun rivers, the Amur is one of the ten longest rivers in the world. The course of the Amur is unfixed and is changing with time. Slowly but steadily the river is making a new way for itself.

“The Atlas collection is a story about architecture created by nature on our planet. Every piece in this collection follows the contour lines of a specific location somewhere in the world. It is an imaginary journey and new experience, as well as a quest for self and the path of life, a recognition of your power. In that sense Atlas is a collection where every item is symbolic. It can become a reminder of the amazing places on earth, and also an anchor in critical situations. There is almost no strict geometry, angles or symmetrical forms in the Atlas pieces. That’s the way our planet builds its relief, creating soft, sweeping lines and unexpected vertical drops. All the items are gold plated, and their matte surface naturally complements the unusual sandy texture.”






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