Mies Necklace with Blue Aquamarine

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This necklace is a dedication to the Farnsworth glass house. Elevated above the ground by thin columns, it is almost floating in air, merging into one with the surrounding nature, but also contrasting against it. The blue trapezoid-shaped aquamarine on a thin white gold chain of this necklace represents the idea of the architect and creates a weightless, but remarkable piece of jewelry.

The adjustable size lock with a Leta medallion allows you to change the length of the necklace by several centimeters.

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“The Mies collection is dedicated to the power of light in architecture, which became the form making element in space along with brick, wood and glass for a German Modernist architect Mies van der Rohe. Through connection with the glistening blue trapezoids and pink hexagons the light refraction reveals the emotional potential of a piece of jewelry.”


White Gold






adjustable, 42 to 46 cm


1 year

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Materials were ethically sourced and processed in a responsible way

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