Oval Silver Ring with Amber

In this Art Deco inspired ring, amber of lemon shade is accentuated by the cool tone of the silver setting.

Responsible mining and production Made in Russia
Gift package available Great customer satisfaction

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The mild oval amber is set against the backdrop of sharp geometric forms. Opposites meet and attract in this piece of jewelry combining centuries-old gemstone derived from nature with cutting-edge design. We are using only legally mined amber to create exclusive items from this beautiful fossil resin.
Please note that our jewelry is handmade and every stone is unique so your item may have a slightly different look.


champagne, silver

Ring Size

15 (US 4), 16 (US 5,25), 16,5 (US 6), 17 (US 6,5), 17,5 (US 7,25), 18 (US 8)

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