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Roma Circular Ring with Rose Moonstone


When on the finger this ring gives an unusual sensation of a piece of jewelry hung in the air. Inspired by the oculi – round windows in the domes of architectural structures that let the sunlight in.

A number of contrasting combinations of square and circular cross-sections are quite noticeable in the ROMA collection. Sharp angles at the foundation of this ring math smoothly with the circular detail and rose moonstone in its inner radius.

“ROMA collection is a modern interpretation of ancient Roman architecture. Its principal motives – narrow windows, semi-circular arches, clear symmetry of columns and oculi in the domes of cathedrals – are expressed in the pieces of this collection. Along with the Roman heritage, La Fábrica in Barcelona has appeared a traceable source of inspiration in the sketches. The monumental buildings of a former plant were reconstructed by the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. Classical architectural elements elegantly implemented in the monumental framing of industrial buildings have granted them with dynamics and lightness. This sense of reinvention, something new based on aeonian, became the reference for the ROMA collection.”








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