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Modernism Ring with Inclusions Inside Amber


This ring is an ode to Art Deco – smoothed out geometric shapes and allusion to its commonly used ornamental patterns – a rare amber with natural inclusions. These are particles of soil and plants caught inside the stone millions of years ago in pre-human times.

The pattern of inclusions inside each such stone is unique – from completely black to greenish and golden shades, all together similar to the palette of ancient Greek ceramics. Please keep in mind that some inclusions may appear on the surface of the stone after polishing and thus may leave small dimples. It is yet another reminder of the natural origin of amber.

10% of each sale of this ring will be donated to the Friends of the Baltic Seal Fund, which aims to save the subspecies that are currently on the verge of extinction in Russia.

“As an architect, I’ve always appreciated geometry and balance in everything – whether it’s a living space or an object design. In our very first collection we wanted to show the uniqueness of amber in simple, but at the same time, adjusted forms, where main attraction is on the stone – a rare and unlike anything. Modernism is a kind of mix of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, transferred to our pieces. Developing took about six months, and it was a complicated but very interesting process – first sketches, close interaction with jewelers, understanding all those uneasy specifics of working with amber, also selection of suitable stones and materials. Step by step, a whole collection began to emerge, and my task was to create not only jewelry items for every day, but also something bright and self-sufficient.”








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