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Una Stud Earrings with Blue Sodalite

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An elongated deep blue sodalite is the centerpiece of the composition of these earrings. In line with the key ideas of suprematism its simple form is by intent without any contour lines — the stone is open on all sides. Three lines made of flaxen-colored gold complete and balance the composition.

“Una is the contemporary heritage of Malevich. The items of the collection in gold recreate Malevich’s recognizable suprematist compositions. There is no storyline or imagery in them since within the philosophy of suprematism color is purely a medium of emotions and concepts, free from any other role. This idea became the founding principle for an avant-garde artistic group UNOVIS. Artist’s daughter, Una Malevich, was called after it, and 80 years later we named our collection the same.”


14K Flaxen Gold




2 cm


1 year

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