1919 Gold Plated Silver Pendant on a Chain with Cherry Amber

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A small pendant with a cherry amber drop on an adjustable chain reminds of the Bauhaus founding principle – the whole composition is made of the simplest geometric shapes.

It will go well together with a dress as well as a pair of jeans. It was created to be a versatile piece for any occasion.

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“The collection got its name in honor of the year in which the Bauhaus movement originated in Germany, later giving rise to functionalism. The Bauhaus School aimed to reunite fine art and functional design, creating practical objects with the soul of artworks. At the core of their ideology is convenience, as well as minimalism, which is beautiful in the simplicity and clarity of its forms – it’s when less is more. These are the principes I wanted to reflect in collection. Leta’s “1919” is the beginning, the versatility underlying the personal collection of every woman. These are jewelry that you can wear every day, feel comfortable and not be tied to a particular style.”








adjustable, 48 to 52 cm


1 year

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Materials were ethically sourced and processed in a responsible way

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