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Modernism String & Square Earrings with Inclusions Inside Amber


The motives that had a strong influence on the development of Art Deco were brought together in these earrings: the yellow-brown palette of amber with inclusions is an allusion to the ancient Greek ceramics, while the precise faceted forms nod to the early 20th century skyscrapers. An exquisite detail with cubic zirconia stones reminds of the Jazz Age, when fine society fell for luxurious parties following the restrictions of World War I.

The pattern of inclusions inside each such stone is unique – from completely black to greenish and golden shades. Please keep in mind that some inclusions may appear on the surface of the stone after polishing and thus may leave small dimples. It is yet another reminder of the natural origin of amber.

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Amber, Cubic Zirconia


6,2 cm


1 year

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Materials were ethically sourced and processed in a responsible way

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