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Una collection is out now

Today, at the midpoint of the fall, we are pleased to show our next collection. For the first time in the history of Leta, it is made of gold. Una is the contemporary heritage of Malevich. The items of the collection recreate Malevich’s recognizable suprematist compositions.

Leta commits to achieve net-zero emissions

Leta commits to achieve net-zero emissions

Leta is committed to completely zeroing its carbon footprint by 2028. This will be achieved by eliminating paper, reducing energy consumption in manufacturing and stores, using electric transport for delivery, and participating in sustainable forest management programs.

Atlas collection

Meet Atlas collection

It’s been a year since we’ve released our ROMA collection, a modern interpretation of ancient Roman architecture. As the end of this unusual and weird year finally approaches, we think it’s finally time to present something new. The Atlas collection became a story about architecture created by nature on our planet.

ROMA Lookbook

Meet ROMA – our new collection and also its “Roman Holiday” lookbook

Today we launch our new collection – ROMA. This one became a modern interpretation of ancient Roman architecture. Its principal motives – narrow windows, semi-circular arches, clear symmetry of columns and oculi in the domes of cathedrals – are expressed in the pieces of this collection.

Gift Card by Irina Kruglova

Rethinking Leta Gift Card

Our reimagined Gift Card is the result of collaboration with talented artists from around the world. On the front side of the card you will find some regular information about the value of the card and an activation code, whereas the back side has a work of art, created by an artist especially for this card issue. What makes this card valuable is that each issue is limited of only 100, so it’s definitely worth saving even after spending.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Leta begins to support Garage Museum

Over the past 10 years, Garage has developed from an exhibition space to a valued artistic institution. When we discovered that the Museum creates an endowment for its own sustainable development, the decision was made. Until 2024 Leta will monthly transfer a portion of the funds from our income to the Garage Endowment Fund.

Leta’s Adjustable Chain Lock for Necklaces and Pendants

Adjustable chain lock is now a part of all Leta’s pendants and necklaces

Since the beginning of our story, we have been thinking about the necessity of having an ajustable chain lock on our necklaces and pendants. In the case of a pendant on a chain, it is a matter of aesthetics as to how you want to wear your favourite piece – tighter to your neck or closer to the decolatte. It is different and more critical in the case of a necklace as it could turn out to be too big or, the opposite, be so small that you couldn`t easily fasten it.

The Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg

Leta items are now available at Fabergé Museum Store

We have been planning to present our items in Saint-Petersburg for a long time. Despite the delivery service with a free trying-on option, the important advantage of a jewelry brand is to provide the customer the opportunity for an authentic shopping experience with the ability to receive professional advice from a specialist. Fabergé Museum Store is now the place where you can do it all.

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