• Behind the Scenes: Designing a Jewelry Collection

    Behind the Scenes: Designing a Jewelry Collection

    Looking at the windows of jewelry stores, have you ever thought about the journey each product does before appearing on the stand? Today we will tell you everything about jewelry design, share insights and introduce you to all production stages: from a sketch to a final product.

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  • Leta FM Mix One

    Leta FM – Mix One

    Our showroom guests often get curious about the music that plays in the background all day. When creativity is the main source of your vitality, it is not limited to just one thing: photography or jewelry design, journalism or architecture. For us music is a form of art and self-expression, just like jewelry is.

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  • Балтийская нерпа

    Charity Project Along with the Friends of the Baltic Seal Fund

    Currently there are no more than two hundred Baltic ringed seals in the Gulf of Finland, and forty years ago the region was inhabited by several thousand species. The subspecies are on the brink of extinction here in the Russian Federation, and if we don’t take urgent measures, these rare sea mammals will disappear from the Gulf of Finland. Our charity project along with the Friends of the Baltic Seal is a great chance to tell about the existing problem and possible ways to solve it.

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  • Ambery is now Leta

    In our collections we mainly focused on amber, but we feel that in the future we definitely would like to try new ideas and combinations. Amber will still remain the cornerstone of our jewelry story, but today it will have a new name, not limited to its «amber» side. Leta is the same jewelry pieces with an architectural history, the same neat style and the same impeccable service, the same website and the same best team in the world. But with a new name.

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  • History, Types and Colors of Amber

    History, Types and Colors of Amber

    Amber is one of the oldest gemstones people know since paleolithic era. There have been many theories regarding amber origin. Roman author Pliny the Elder (1st century AD) was the first scientist to prove that amber is a fossilized tree resin. He paid attention to the fact that when burning amber emits smoke and smells with resin. Today organic origin of amber is generally recognized.

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  • Lucy Zharikova Baltic Photoshoot for Ambery

    Lucy Zharikova Photoshoot

    A talented photographer Lucy Zharikova went to Yantarny this summer to create an atmospheric shoot on the Baltic Coast for Ambery. Inspired by the cold sea, fresh wind and natural textures, such as wood and smoky pebbles, Lucy subtly conveyed everything that we appreciate so much in our jewelry – simple and adjusted forms and natural beauty of amber.

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  • Chinese-language Version of Ambery Launched

    Chinese-language Version of Ambery Launched

    China’s progress toward online shopping is more important than ever for us in the wake of our mission to bring modern design to amber jewelry industry and expand Russian retail export and also our focus to give people in every country better shopping experience on our site.

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  • Showroom Opening Party

    Last Friday we hosted a presentation of our current collection Modernism and also an opening of our first showroom at Roden Manor. It felt cozy and friendly that evening. We talked about the history of Leta and the creation of our collection, also received warm feedback from our beloved guests and shared our plans. Now you can visit our showroom at Kitay-Gorod and try on all your favorite items.

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  • Summer Trend 2017 – Primrose Yellow

    One of the title colors of the SS2017 is the primrose yellow. Juicy lemon, pastel, neon yellow and mustard – all shades of this spring primrose flower appeared on the latest fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London. The color gives us warmth, it energizes and cheers up. Yellow is the new black, and we at Ambery are certainly rejoice this trend, because our amber jewelry is a perfect choice for all those summer dresses, sarafans, light trousers and tops of sunny shades.

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  • Our new collection – Modernism

    Modernism is a kind of mix of art deco architecture, constructivism and avant-garde painting, transferred to our pieces. Developing took about six months, and it was a complicated but very interesting process – first sketches, close interaction with jewelers, understanding all those uneasy specifics of working with amber, also selection of suitable stones and materials.

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  • The History of Russian Amber, Part 3: The Future

    The final part of our story about Russian amber and its history. The main problem of amber industry today is processing. Without having significant amber reserves, Baltic States and Poland have won recognition as “amber capitals” thanks to their craftsmen.

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  • The History of Russian Amber, Part 2: From USSR to Russia

    The History of Russian Amber, Part 2: From USSR to Russia

    We continue our story about Russian amber and its history. Economic crisis of 1980’s interrupted the plant’s success story. Raw materials prices dropped considerably due to overproduction of oil.

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  • The History of Russian Amber, Part 1: The Beginning

    The History of Russian Amber, Part 1: The Beginning

    You can’t find much information about amber industry on the Internet. When we came up with an idea to create a store selling jewelry made of Baltic amber, we decided to delve into the subject by researching information about its origin, types and varieties.

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  • First Trip to Kaliningrad

    Our First Trip to Kaliningrad

    Last spring I was invited to Kaliningrad by the guys from Russian Amber to make some pictures, talk about amber and show the huge potential that this gemstone has.

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